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Poulepin ( pupuran )

The Name

  • Title - Poulepin
  • Romanization - Pupuran
  • Origin - Poulepin is an old French pastery

    The Anime

  • 1st Episode - Pretty Soldier Sailormoon SuperS Movie
  • Seiyuu - Hida Nobuo
  • Powers - Bon Bon Babies

    The Manga

  • 1st Act - none -- appeared in Materials Collection
  • Powers - N/A


  • PRO - He had a cool airship!
  • CON - ?


    The Anime Story
    He is hummingbird fairy and older brother to Perle. He seems to be the unspoken leader of the fairies that served Badiane or at least the one in most contact with her. With the two cucoo fairies, Banane and Auanja, he collected children for Badiane. He would lead the childen with the promise of a land of sweets like the pied piper with his flute. After escaping, the sailor soldiers came to Marzipan Castle, where the children were being held. The faries, Poulepin, Banane, and Auranja, attacked. Pluto, Uranus, and Neptune appear to help and one by one, the faries are defeated. He used blue Bon Bon Babies and became a blue hummingbird bird when he was defeated.


    Poulepin seems to think that what he is doing for Badiane is not wrong. Poulepin, like his younger brother, are supposed to protect the dreams of children. When Badiane enlists his help along with other fairies they begin stealing children so that they may sleep forever, dreaming peacefully. Granted, this in wrong, but Poulepin seems to be misled. In the movie you can also see that this choice has torn at the relationship of him and his little brother. sadly, Poulepin dies believing what he did was not wrong... no redemption for this character in the end.


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