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Fiore ( fiore )

The Name

  • Title - Fiore
  • Romanization - Fiore
  • Origin - "fiore" is Italian for "flower"

    The Anime

  • 1st Episode - Pretty Soldier Sailormoon R Movie
  • Seiyuu - Midorikawa Hikaru (adult Fiore), Tomoko Maruo (child Fiore)
  • Powers - Xenian's powers, extending fingernails

    The Manga

  • 1st Act - none
  • Powers - N/A


  • PRO - He treasured his friend Mamoru very much.
  • CON - He treasured Mamoru a little too much!


    The Anime Story
    Fiore had been traveling in space alone and not knowing for how long. It was then, as a child, he came to Earth. The small alien lay in the pouring rain, his eyes tired and lonely. Then the rain on his head stopped, an umbrella now protecting him from the rain. Before he passed out he his eyes met with that of an earthling child. When he awoke he was staring into those blue eyes once again. The earth child, Mamoru, had taken him into the hospital and shared his bed with him. When he looked into those eyes, also lonely, he knew that was why he was drawn to Earth. Unfortunately, the alien's body was not fit for living long periods on this planet and he had to leave. Mamoru rushed to say good-bye and offered him a single red rose as a present. Genuinely touched by the gift, he promised Mamoru he would return someday with a flower for him.

    Well, he returned but only now he is possessed by an alien flower, the feared Xenian. While doing the bidding of the flower he has returned to Earth both planning on taking all of the energy of the planet for the Xenian and to find Mamoru once again. When he finds that Mamoru has a girlfriend his emotions are swayed by the influence of the evil flower. He sends his plants to take the earthlings' energy but the Sailor Soldiers come to stop them. They are met by Fiore for the second time but now he no longer has the appearance of a human but that of an alien. He recognizes Sailor Moon as Usagi, Mamoru's boyfriend and attacks with ferosity. He believes that she will only leave Mamoru and make him lonely. While protecting Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Kamen is injured. Fiore abducts his friend and brings him to the meteor heading for Earth (actually, the Xenian's seed). There Fiore encases his friend in a crystal device that will heal him. It is then that Mamoru truely remembers him.

    There is a huge battle between Sailor Moon and Fiore but when Mamoru protects her by injuring him Fiore falls back. He feels betrays and desides to crash the meteor into the Earth so they all will die. Sailor Moon uses the power of her Silver Crystal to show Fiore the truth of the past and he is covered in a shimmering light. Sailor Moon transforms in the princess and uses the full power of the Silver Crystal to keep the meteor from burning up as heads toward Earth. By using that power Sailor Moon saves everyone but at the cost of her life. Mamoru with his eyes barren of light stares at his girlfriend unmoving in his arms. A soft voice calls to him and he finds himself face to face with Fiore. He thanks him and Sailor Moon from saving him from the Xenian and offers him his promise, a flower for him. The flower contains most of Fiore's energy and he tells Mamoru to give the nectar to Sailor Moon. As he does, Fiore changes into a child and within a sphere of light disappears into space. With that power Sailor Moon is awakened.


    There are two different aspects to Fiore's character. The first was shown when he first appeared on Earth. He was the kind, lonely child who found a friend in a child who was just like him despite the difference in race. When he is freed of the Xenian's power you again find this kind person who was reunited with his friend. He even goes as far to offer his life energy to safe his dear friend's true love.

    The other side of Fiore is the angry side of loneliness when he is possessed by the Xenian. The flower turns his kindness and longing for the warmth of friendship into jealousy and rage. Fiore becomes a fierce enemy to anyone who stands in the way of him and his friend. He becomes untrusting and disbelieving of everyone. Still, within that angry person Fiore still lived and was shown the way back in the end.


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