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Auranja ( oranja )

The Name

  • Title - Auranja
  • Romanization - Oranja
  • Origin - Old Provencal for the word Orange

    The Anime

  • 1st Episode - Pretty Soldier Sailormoon SuperS Movie
  • Seiyuu - Nakai Kazuya
  • Powers - Bon Bon Babies

    The Manga

  • 1st Act - none -- appeared in Materials Collection
  • Powers - N/A


  • PRO - If you ate him he'd probably taste like oranges -_-;
  • CON - He underestimated the Sailor Soldiers.


    The Anime Story
    This is a cukoo fairy who served Badiane by collecting children. When the soldiers came to Marzipan Castle, where the children were being held, the faries, Poulepin, Banane, and Auranja, attacked. Pluto, Uranus, and Neptune appear to help and one by one, the faries are defeated. He used pink Bon Bon Babies and became a pink cukoo bird when he was defeated.

    Not much can be said about this character since he was only breifly used in the movie and not ever shown again. He does seem to be mean, like the other fairies seemingly misled by Badiane.


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