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Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon

Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon
( serahevimetarupapiyon )

The Name

  • Senshi Title - Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon
  • Romanization - Sera Hevi Metaru Papiyon
  • Origin - Papillon is the french word for butterfly

    The Manga

  • 1st Act - Act 49; Tankobon 18
  • Powers - no specific attack call used


  • PRO - :: coming soon ::
  • CON - :: coming soon ::


    The Story
    MANGA: Papillon, the Soul Hunter was found by Eternal Sailormoon and her comrads in graveyard with tombstones of their names. "This is the final land to where the remnants of dead stars drift," the woman says. "These butterflies are the last flames of the stars. The funeral procession of the butterflies scatters across the galaxy, with never an interruption."

    The Soul Hunter allows Sailormoon, Kakyuu, and Chibichibi see their graves being dug and then sends forth her attack. Vines wrap around the three and hold them in place. "I am the final soldier of the Sailor Anima Mates!" the woman says. "The soul hunter, Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon! I will give you the most beautiful and saddening funeral procession ever! For the end of the messiah of misfortune, I've decided on incineration! I want you to suffer!"

    Before she can do anything else Sailor Chibi Moon appears and blasts her comrades free with her "Pink Lady's Freezing Kiss". Directly following, the Sailor Quartetto destroy the Sould Hunter with their "Amazones Jungle Arrow."


    MANGA: She is from the Planet Cocoon. She is called the last soldier of the Anima Mates and also the Soul Hunter. She was only in the manga for two pages but she has won the hearts of many Sailormoon fans. She is a very dark character who turns souls into butterflies. She seems to enjoy her job very much and is a fierce fighter.


    The remnants of dead stars are symbolized by the butterfly so her butterfly motif sailor suit is appropriate. Butterflies are symbolic of the soul in Japan [as you may see in many anime. ex: Windaria].


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