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Tellu ( teruru )

The Name

  • Title - Tellu
  • Romanization - Teruru
  • Origin - Tellurite, Goddess of the Earth - Telles/Tellu

    The Anime

  • 1st Episode - 120
  • Seiyuu - Honda Chieko
  • Powers - Tellun Hybrid

    The Manga

  • 1st Act - Act 24; Tankobon 07
  • Powers - Mandragora Buster


  • PRO - She knows when to turn the TV off.
  • CON - Not paying attention to the Home & Gardening specials on TV.


    The Anime Story
    Tellu was the one who killed Mimete after Mimete backstabbed her and tried to take her job. This witch was the third to appear and used plants to collect many different pure heart crystals all at once. The reason for this was to bring the energy of the pure hearts to the Messiah of Silence so that she might awaken. She was eventually killed by her own Tellun Hybrid.


    The Manga Story
    ::coming soon::


    ::coming soon::


    The Roman goddess of the earth, equated with the Greek goddess Gaia (Terra Mater) and also with the fertility goddess Ceres. Telles ("earth") had a temple on the Forum Pacis, built in 268 BCE. On her festival, the Fordicidia, held on April 15, cows (being with young) were sacrificed. On January 24 - 26 the Sementivae were held in honor of Tellus and Ceres and during these days they were called upon for protection of the seed and the sower. Fama was thought to be her daughter.
    - from Encyclopedia Mythics


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