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Mimete ( mimetto )

The Name

  • Title - Mimete
  • Romanization - Mimetto
  • Origin - Mimetite

    The Anime

  • 1st Episode - 110
  • Seiyuu - Kanai Mika
  • Powers - Charm Buster, Witches Electric Warp

    The Manga

  • 1st Act - Act 24; Tankobon 07
  • Powers - Charm Buster


  • PRO - Her loyalty to the professor? Hmm... actually she thought she would give up her job to become a star at one point so... in fact she always thought twice before attacking the actors, models, etc. when she was on the job.
  • CON - Easily distracted by the targets she went after.


    The Anime Story
    Mimete would act all cute but in private she showed that she had no respect for her senpai, Eudial. It was she who killed Eudial by removing the breaks from her van. Once in the position of her senpai she worked for Professor Tomoe and acquired targets with Pure Hearts. Though, now the Death Busters were seeking pure hearts for energy for their Messiah of Silence. After a string of failures Mimete found the professor giving a mission to one of the other witches, Tellu. She tricked her fellow witch and took the job from her. She used Eudial's old machine and used the Electric Warp to put herself inside TV. Tellu, appeared ready to take vengance on her for stealing her job. After a few cold words, she pulled the plug on Mimete and she was lost forever. The on-stage death was fitting --possibly ironic-- for the cutting room floor idol wanna-be.


    The Manga Story
    ::coming soon::


    In so many ways Mimete showed herself to be a boy hungry teenager though her true age was never mentioned (she had the body of an adult). She had a high, child-like voice and low attention span. She was constantly picking targets who she thought were handsome and cool. She contantly persued them, fell in love with each and became enraged when they did not fall for her. She dreamt of being an idol on TV and in one episode Mimete and Aino Minako competed in a competition to see who would star with a popular male actor (that they both liked). Her childish behavior got her into trouble with her fellow witch and ended in her demise.


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