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Kaolinite ( kaorinaito )

The Name

  • Title - Kaolinite
  • Romanization - Kaorinaito
  • Origin - Kaolinite

    The Anime

  • 1st Episode - 090 (reappeared as Kaoli-kun in ep 113)
  • Seiyuu - Uemura Noriko
  • Powers - Daimon, Her hair (which could go as far as to strangle people)

    The Manga

  • 1st Act - Act 24; Tankobon 07
  • Powers - ::coming soon::


  • PRO - Her loyalty to the professor.
  • CON - Not seeing through the fake moon's disguise.


    The Story
    She was the first to serve the mad professor and was very loyal to him. She even brought him tea & cookies! She had wild, red hair that could attack her enemies. The professor sent her out with the daimon egg many times to help her find someone with a pure heart and capture them. She failed in her mission and her employment to the professor ended when she lost in a battle at the Tokyo Tower.

    Sometime after a fatal battle at the Tokyo Tower Kaolinite was brought back to life [by professor tomoe] as Kaoli. Kaoli served the professor and would take care of his daughter, Tomoe Hotaru. Tomoe's daughter did not like her at all. She was no longer top dog in the Deathbusters, instead the Witches 5 were in her place. She eventually filled with so much hated that she once again because Kaolinite. She showed feelings toward the professor but was eventually killed by Mistress 9.


    The Manga Story
    ::coming soon::


    She appeared to be a very cold woman, except when around Professor Tomoe. Him along would she serve. She later showed that she was very jealous for Professor Tomoe's attention. Her after her rebirth --for lack of a better word-- she had to share the professor's attention with the Witches 5. It didn't help that the Witches 5 didn't think too much of her.


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