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Ves Ves

Ves Ves ( besu )

The Name

  • Title - Ves Ves
  • Romanization - Besu Besu
  • Origin - Asteroid Vesta, Amazonite, Goddess Vesta

    The Anime

  • 1st Episode - 148 (cameo), 150 (full episode)
  • Seiyuu - Hagimori Junko
  • Powers - "Nice Shot" from her power orb, lemures

    The Manga

  • 1st Act - Act 34; Tankobon 12
  • Powers - ::coming soon::


  • PRO - Takes care of her own.
  • CON - Laziness and her comments can be very hurtful.


    The Anime Story
    She is the magician of Beasts and one of the four Amazones Quartetto of the Dead Moon Circus. She, along with the other Amazones, took the place of the Amazon Trio after their final stage at the circus. They became the stars of the Dead Moon. Their mission was to find the beautiful dreamer with the Golden Mirror. In that mirror would be Pegasus, their ultamite mission given to them by Queen Nehellenia. Together, the four girls would tease Zirconia and torture the eyeball Zircon. They showed that they'd rather play than do work. Queen Nehellenia would pamper the girls and give them more power even though they were brutal on Zirconia. Eventually, when Chibi Moon was captured the girls played a trick on the queen and stole the sailor soldier so they could play with Pegasus. Of course, they were caught and punished. In the end, as Nehellenia granted their powers to Zirconia they knew they had to come to a decision.... die as their powers were drainde or give up their powers and grow into adults. They gave up their powers and even helped the soldiers get the Golden Crystal from Nehellenia.


    The Manga Story
    ::coming soon::


    As with moth villains of Sailormoon, Ves Ves, was an evil counterpart of one of the soldiers. She was the one who most resembled Sailor Mars with her red colors. This red clad girl is spunky and has a tendancy to say what's on her mind... at any given time. She is most like Mars with her outfit colors and in my opinion, Ves Ves has the coolest outfit of the four girls. Those gold ear cover things are cool. When Zirconia first gave them orders it was she who attacked the 'granny' and almost beat her. She carries a whip and a lot of spark. She seems like one of the most active of the Quartetto (mission-wise) and accepted jobs when it was her fault for getting the others in trouble.


    On of the most popular and mysterious goddesses of the Roman pantheon. Vesta is the goddess of the hearth, equated with the Greek Hestia. There is not much known of her origin, except that she was at first only worshipped in Roman homes, a personal cult. Her cult eventually evolved to a state cult. The ass/mule is Vesta's sacred animal, whose braying supposedly kept the lascivious Priapus away. Vesta is portrayed as a stern woman, wearing a long dress and with her head covered. Her right hand rests against her side and in her left hand she holds a scepter.


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