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Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye ( taigaasu ai )

The Name

  • Title - Tiger's Eye
  • Romanization -Taigaasu Ai
  • Origin - Tiger's Eye stone

    The Anime

  • 1st Episode - 128
  • Seiyuu - Okiaya Ryoutarou
  • Powers - Whip, Lemures

    The Manga

  • 1st Act - Act 34; Tankobon 12
  • Powers - ::coming soon::


  • PRO - He went for younger women.
  • CON - He thought he was God's gift to women.


    The Anime Story
    The original form of Tiger's Eye was that of a tiger of course. While Hawk's-Eye was sent out to get the new target [Usagi] even though Fish Eye had claimed to have found Pegasus' host Tiger's-Eye was commanded to seize Fish Eye. When Fish Eye fled, Tiger chased after him. The Amazones Quartetto's clown-lemures (Mr. Magic Perriot) came after the three to dispose of 'unnecessary things'. Usagi-chan's dream mirror was broken and Hawk went down. Tiger and Fish decided to use the power that could keep them in human form to save Sailor Moon. Fish Eye released Chibi Usa-chan and she defeated the lemures with Sailor Moon. The three transformed back into their animal forms and closed their eyes. By the powers of Pegasus they were reborn and given beautiful dream mirrors.


    The Manga Story
    ::coming soon::


    A strange fellow indeed. He is very vain man and would go absolutely nuts when a woman would ignore him (why would you want to ignore him though? he's so darn cute ::hee hee::). He would go after the younger women so that meant he would end up eventually going after the sailor soldiers. He once went after Mako-chan and they seemed like a very nice couple, but it ended up in tragedy. This was the first guy Mako-chan didn't compare to her long lost senpai. (I recommend you see this episode so you know what I mean). When he would look into the dream mirror he would make a very silly laugh but be serious as soon as he was finished. Can we say lunatic?


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