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Queen Nehellenia

Queen Nehellenia ( jo ou neherenia )

The Name

  • Title - Queen Nehellenia
  • Romanization - jo ou Neherenia
  • Origin - the goddess Nehellenia

    The Anime

  • 1st Episode - 148
  • Seiyuu - Sakakibara Yoshiko
  • Powers - ::coming soon::

    The Manga

  • 1st Act - Act 36; Tankobon 12
  • Powers - ::coming soon::


  • PRO - She commanded the most colorful and amusing band of villains in all of the show.
  • CON - Her vainity and the notion that she was the true ruler of the Moon.


    The Anime Story
    The beautiful queen grew up with praise and admiration from her court, but only herself as a friend. She was in love with her beauty and her dream was to be young and beautiful forever. It was when she asked her mirror to show her the future of her dream that she learned that her dream could not be realized. She saw herself as an aged, ugly woman. She became horrified at the vision but came to accept it's power to grant her wish. Possessed by her wish she began eating the dreams of her kingdom's people and by doing this she could obtain her dream. The lsot souls who's dreams were stolen were transformed into her Dead moon Circus.

    This evil queen watched from afar at the beautiful white moon. She wished to take it for her own, but Queen Serenity banished her to the fringe depths of the New Moon. It was there she stayed, isolated in darkness... alone. Later she discovered a power that might give her the power to take the moon and the Earth, the Golden Crystal. She was confronted by the guardian of the crystal, a priest named Elios. When she approached the crystal flames flew around it, keeping her from taking it. He revealed to her that she could not take control of the crystal because she had an evil heart.

    She captured Elios and kept him prisoner, but he escaped in spirit to the dream of a small child. The queen of the New Moon invaded earth with her Dead Moon Circus in search of Elios who had taken the form of Pegasus. When she had finally captured Elios and the Golden Crystal she was beaten back by the soldiers. She put Chibi Moon into a sleep and as a broken piece of her castle rose in the air Sailor Moon ran after her. As they floated higher Nehellenia has become the terrible vision she has seen so many years ago in the mirror. She was sealed away inside of her mirror, but accepted solitude because there she could stay beautiful forever.


    The Manga Story
    ::coming soon::


    Nehellenia is a disturbed and vain woman. Growing up alone made her think she could only depend on herself. She never let anyone into her life and she became cold. Her fragile state was disrupted even more when it was revealed that her dream could not be realized. Later (in the stars season) she revealed that she always wanted to have friends and lover she could depend on. Somewhere along the way her dream had been twisted, probably from when she was little and found no friends, only subjects to wait on her, and thought she only had herself. There was no one to guide her and teach her she could have friends. But, in the end she gained a second chance and awoke as a child once more. Her dream was restored to its innocent state as she asked for someone to read her a bedtime story. She began to depend on others and begin to feel loved.


    "Nehelennia is a Goddess who recovers the broken alliance between water and land. In the Netherlands there is a group named after this Goddess from the past. This group is called Nehalennia's Sibbe. They also have something with Loki and this is really a strange God. Loki is a God of fire and thereby of the ever changing. He likes to play tricks and lets by these, people and Gods see themselves in their less nicer states."

    "Some myths suggest that Hel was originally envisioned as not fiery but dark; a Crone-goddess like Black Kali, eater of the dead. As the Nether Moon, she was called Nehellenia. Her anicient altars were found in Holland at the mouth of the Rhine. Vases and statues from her shrines were discovered in Zealand in 1646. Sometimes her underworld was not hot but ice cold, as if serving as a model for Dante's innermost ciricle of the Inferno. The cold, dark Queen of Shades was Nef-Hel or Niffl. Hel was supreme and inesacapable, seizing even gods in her embrace. The Swedes said Odin the Heavenly Father was buried in a barrow known as Hel's Mount. Beause she was associated with mountains, Hel sometimes merged with Mother Freya. A fate spinning goddess called Hel of the Air was worshipped on the Lüftelberg..."


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