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Fish Eye

Fish Eye ( fisshu ai )

The Name

  • Title - Fish Eye
  • Romanization -Fisshu Ai
  • Origin - Fish Eye stone / Moonstone

    The Anime

  • 1st Episode - 128
  • Seiyuu - Ishida Akira
  • Powers - Lemures

    The Manga

  • 1st Act - Act 34; Tankobon 12
  • Powers - ::coming soon::


  • PRO - Very perceptive & deceptive.
  • CON - Going after Usagi's boyfriend.


    The Anime Story
    He discover that he and companions did not possess dream mirrors. Around this time, he chose Chiba Mamoru to be his target who he had fallen for, but Usagi-chan made it clear that 'Mamo-chan' was hers. Fish Eye was confident as he approached Mamoru in his feminine disguise. Mamoru-san refused "her" and when Fish asked why he liked that girl [usagi-chan] he told Fish it was because she had beautiful dreams. He became depressed and sat in the park while it rained heavily and was found by Usagi-chan who brought her "rival" to her house to get out of the rain. Fish pieced together that Usagi-chan was Sailor Moon and found out that Chibi Usa-chan was the beautiful dreamer who gave Pegasus sanctuary. He kidnapped Chibi Usa while Usagi went to run an errand for her mother. When Usagi discovered Fish Eye and Chibi Usa gone she went to search with the help of the other girls. When Fish Eye announced he had found Pegasus' host Zirconia didn't believe him and instead told them the new target would be Usagi-chan. Hawk's-Eye was sent out to get her while Tiger's-Eye was told to seize Fish. Clever Fish Eye escaped and Tiger chased after him. One of the Amazones Quartetto's clown-lemures came after the three to dispose of 'unnecessary things' and the three fought against it. Usagi's dream mirror was broken and Hawk went down. Tiger and Fish decided to use the power that could keep them in human form to save Sailor Moon. Fish Eye released Chibi Usa-chan and she defeated the lemures with Sailor Moon. The three transformed back into their animal forms and closed their eyes. By the powers of Pegasus they were reborn and given beautiful dream mirrors.


    The Manga Story
    ::coming soon::


    Although it would appear for Fish Eye to be a pretty girl, he is in fact a man. He always searched the beautiful dreams of men. His buddies would, on many occasions, comment about his strange tastes in targets. You could always catch him cross-dressing on the streets of Tokyo chasing after men. Fish Eye was a very smart character. He thought and worried about things the other two care-free members of the Amazon Trio didn't think to bother about.


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