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Rubeus ( rubeusu )

The Name

  • Title - Rubeus
  • Romanization - Rubeusu
  • Origin - Rubeus is the Latin word for ruby

    The Anime

  • 1st Episode - 060
  • Seiyuu - Takagi Wataru
  • Powers - ::coming soon::

    The Manga

  • 1st Act - Act 14; Tankobon 04
  • Powers - N/A


  • PRO - He possessed the cold-hearted nature of a villain and had the Ayakashi Sisters.
  • CON - Not getting "out of the kitchen" when it got too hot. -_-;


    The Anime Story
    Crimson Rubeus was the first to return to the past. In our present day Tokyo [the past to him] he would send the Ayakashi sisters to search for the Silver Crystal and the 'rabbit'. The sisters eventually joined Sailor Moon and he was left to fend for himself. Esmeraude appeared warning him that the prince was furious with him and, in a desperate attempt to ease the prince's anger, he kidnapped the Sailor Soldiers. Sailor Moon came to confront him and Chibi Usa followed behind. They were both swept away in his UFO and taken out of the Earth's atmosphere. A battle between Sailor Moon and Rubeus took place but Sailor Moon was able to defeat Rubeus with the help of the powerful child, Chibi Usa. They managed to escape through a Sailor Teleport but Rubeus was too weak to get out by himself. Esmeraude appeared before him and he thought she had come to his rescue but she simply laughed at him before disapearing. The UFO exploded and Rubeus died.


    The Manga Story
    ::coming soon::


    He was a good villain as far as my opinion is concerned. He was cold-hearted, manipulative, and followed his mission to the end. Still, with all that he didn't have many friends and always being mocked by Esmeraude. Whatever their relationship, they did not get along very well... but it seems none of the Black Moon's men got along with her very well.


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