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Petz ( pettsu )

The Name

  • Title - Petz
  • Romanization - Pettsu
  • Origin - The mineral Petzite

    The Anime

  • 1st Episode - 060
  • Seiyuu - Ogata Megumi (sailor uranus)
  • Powers - Dark Thunder, Droids

    The Manga

  • 1st Act - Act 14; Tankobon 04
  • Powers - Dark Thunder


  • PRO - She was very fierce nature.
  • CON - Her "I will conquer all... all by myself" additude.


    The Anime Story
    She came from the future in Rubeus' UFO and would attack key points in the Tokyo of the past (our present time). The eldest, fiercest, and most powerful of the four sisters. Her powers and color scheme resembled Jupiter's. She was also the last to be purified by Sailor Moon's Silver Crystal. After joining Sailor Moon it was discovered that she was in love with Prince Demand's younger brother, Saphir. Their love did not last for long because the Wise Man took Saphir's life and separated the two forever. She thought to herself as she stood alone, "Saphir will forever live inside me... with that last smile he gave me.


    The Manga Story
    ::coming soon::


    She was very fierce in nature and was also very stuck up. After she was purified, you got to see a softer side to Petz and that she was very capable of love, both romantically and sisterly. She begged to take the wrath from Saphir for her and her sisters leaving. She wanted to protect them.


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