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Sailor Lead Crow

Sailor Lead Crow ( serareddokurou )

The Name

  • Senshi Title - Sailor Lead Crow
  • Romanization - Sera Reddo Kurou
  • Origin - Lead (the metal), Crow (big black bird)

    The Anime

  • 1st Episode - 182
  • Seiyuu - Suzuka Chihara
  • Powers - Phages,

    The Manga

  • 1st Act - Act 45; Tankobon 16
  • Powers - ::coming soon::


  • PRO - Very serious about her work.
  • CON - Her attachment to her rival, Aluminum Siren.


    The Anime Story
    She appeared with her 'rival', Sailor Aluminum Siren, after the demise of Iron Mouse. Lead Crow always looked after her rival so that she could succeed. Together they worked at the Galaxy TV as they disguised themselves as normal humans. When she was seeking out possible holders of the star seeds she went under the identity of Karasuma Akane. She continued on alongside Tin Nyanko after her rival's last screw-up.


    The Manga Story
    She killed the Sailor Soldier of her home planet, Coronis, Sailor Coronis. She also took the star seeds of Phobos and Deimos.


    She was always yelling at Siren to be a better rival and tried to push her forward. The releationship was very similar to that of Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars. Lead Crow and Aluminum Siren were very close even though neither said so.


    Coronis: The mother of Asclepius by Apollo. Even before she gave birth to Asclepius she cheated on Apollo. Raven informed Apollo of her infidelity and the god killed her (according to others it was Artemis). Before her body was consumed on a funeral pyre, Apollo saved the life of his son. Since then, raven have black feathers where before they were white. Coronis is also the name of the daughter of Coronaeus, King of Phocis, changed by Athena into a crow to enable her to escape from Neptune. The association with the crows would explain her being killed by Sailor Lead Crow.


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